Odd Behaviour

Attended a two day workshop on Strategic Skills as an observer. Great insights to the topic and also style of conduct. Turns out it’ll be a big help for my upcoming training.
One participant was being particularly difficult for no apparent reason. Having been a facilitator here before and having had the unfortunate experience of training the same person earlier, one was not surprised at the behaviour. What was surprising was that the person, post completion of the training, left the venue and returned some 15 minutes later and proceeded to vent at the trainer apparently disappointed with the workshop. Does one vent like an obsolete steam engine, rave rant, rave rant, or does one just take it out in the feedback? Poor taste! Maybe this person should see Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management or undergo Behavioural Training.


Just Thoughts

Probably the first blog that I’m putting pen to or should I say my fingers to the keyboard.¬†

I can understand strangers or colleagues making life difficult for others. I really fail to understand why relatives make it difficult. The whole world is literally screaming hoarse with quotes, posters, videos, mail attachments, in line mail and what have you about how “karma” comes to your defence, about a full comes, about how things come around, a glass of milk etc. Honestly, I think that’s bumkum. I’ve heard about how “karma” is carried forward from the previous life etc but I just can’t agree with it.¬†They (don’t ask who) say that intention is equally important. I still stand unconvinced.